Stop Sex Trafficking

Learn about horrors of sex trafficking and how to act against it. Get free first chapter of Priceless, new book by Tom Davis. Pray, Learn and Act against sex trafficking.

Christians Don’t Care About the Sex Trade, Do They?

Last week, I shared a couple of posts on apologetics and atheism, which may have given some readers the wrong impression. Let me be clear: I am not an apologist. I have the utmost respect for apologetics, but it is not the calling I’ve received. And quite frankly, I think that we can easily be misled [...]

A Prayer for the Captive – Something We All Can Do

We’ve come off a week of talking about difficult issues relating to human enslavement. I thought we would end the week by praying a prayer together on behalf of the millions who are enslaved around the world. Please join me in this prayer. [...]

Treasure Hunting in the Kingdom of God

Today we give thanks to God for moving great mountains. Yesterday, HopeChest received an unexpected $6,500 to make the India Rescue Operation happen. And then last night, some supporters called the "Warrior Girls" hatched a plan to match that $6,500 by Monday. Can you take that challenge? [...]

What would you sell to stop a child from being raped?

10 girls in India need your help today. You can rescue them from a life of rape and abuse by donating some of your stuff today. What personal possessions would you sell in order to stop a little girl from being raped for profit? Ponder that for a moment... [...]

How to make a profit selling virgins for sex

A well-respected women's leader and her husband run a trafficking and prostitution ring specializing in virgins and young girls. The description of that crime given in this article is true, documented by our partners in India. A rescue operation is in the works, and I am raising funds through this blog to free as many girls as we can. Will you help us? [...]

Do you walk in unfamiliar places?

Last month, my friend Vince Giordano led a HopeChest mission trip to India. While there, he met with women trapped in brothels who graciously offered to buy soda for their guests while they chatted about life. He walked down constricted corridors–barely shoulder width apart–where heat permeated every space. Rape for profit took place behind every door in [...]

Underage Russian Model Hopefuls Being Lured Into Sex Trade

This is happening across the globe. Fox News just released this report: “Russian supermodels are at a record high — but some hopeful young models in the former Soviet Union were being pushed into underage sex and escort work, Sky News reported Tuesday. Young women from struggling families were inspired by the likes of successful Russian supermodel [...]

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